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In our ongoing effort to put an end to the abuse that many voters suffer at the hands of unscrupulous vote brokers, the following letter was mailed (in English and Spanish) to thousands of voters informing them of their rights:


You have the RIGHT TO VOTE the way you want - no one can find out how you voted. Your ballot is your business!

  • It is illegal if someone takes your ballot or forges your signature.
  • It is illegal if someone threatens you into voting their way.
  • Fill out your own ballot and mail it in yourself.
  • Don’t let anyone take your ballot from you.

Your vote is NOBODY else’s business.

If you are being threatened, know someone who is being threatened, or if you know anyone who is stealing other people’s votes, call -

Dallas County Elections Department 214-819-6300
Dallas County District Attorney 214-653-3714
Texas Secretary of State 1-800-252-8683

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According to the Dallas County Elections Department, 40% of the requests for mail-in ballots were received less than 48 hours before the deadline [].

VoteLegal.Com volunteers will continue to monitor elections in Dallas County and will offer rewards for the conviction of those who seek to violate voter’s rights and voting laws.  We’re serious about it: the fraud will end!

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