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How does fraud happen? When are you being illegally abused by others?  The exact ways are too numerous to count, but perhaps you have heard some of the following stories:

    “I’m getting along in years and that nice lady, Diane, has always helped me vote. I get the idea that she doesn’t always agree with me, and she’ll never show me my ballot before she takes it, but she always comes and spends a few minutes with me.”


    “I have really never voted.  Joe always tells me that I’m going to get a ballot in the mail, and he always drops by and buys it from me for a dollar or two.  I know it probably isn’t right, but it doesn’t seem like it is hurting anyone.”


    “Teddy always tells my neighbors and me how to vote. Sometimes I don’t really want to vote Teddy’s way, but he tells me that he will find out and that he’ll make life difficult for me. So I just shut my mouth and do what I’m told.”


    “I always vote by mail.  Kathy always comes by to pick up my ballot. She always seems interested in my views and always asks me how I vote. One time, I told her that I just felt like I needed to vote for ‘the other guy.’ She seemed disappointed, but took my ballot anyway.  I watched her drive away.  She stopped at the end of the street and threw my ballot in the trash can.”


    “I am not as well off as I used to be and I receive public assistance. There’s this woman, Terri, who tells my friends and me that she’s watching how we vote and if we don’t vote her way we’ll lose our benefits. I want to vote for people who feel more like I do, but I don’t want to make waves and risk ending up on the streets.”

All of the above situations describe illegal activity. Don’t put up with it!  Turn them in!

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