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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Carnival of the Vanities #68

A few words before we begin...

To avoid accusations of censorship, none of the submissions was ignored - they have all been included. This makes for a long, long list. . Many of these posts are excellent, and I wish I had come across them and linked them already. Many of them make me want to gently correct their authors with percussive maintenance via a salmon stuffed with buckshot. We link - You decide.

If there are any broken links or errors you can feel free to blame them on the Bush administration, the Democratic Party, The Neo-Zionist cabal, or the boogieman/woman of your choice. All links are listed in order of submission. Please be aware that the standard disclaimer applies.

Here we go:

Craig Newmark, Associate Professor of Economics at North Carolina State University and author of "Newmark's Door", is fact checking George Will

Madeleine Begun Kane: Humor Columnist, Bush-Basher extraordinaire and author of "Notables", has published a poem on the FBI Almanac warning.

Rob Kaper, author of "Simply American" wants to dispel the notion of American Imperialism.

Dustin Frelich, author of "eTALKINGHEAD", catches Newsweek in some pretty half-assed reporting.

Jim Peacock, author of "Snooze Button Dreams", finds a silver lining in a house full of flu sufferers.

Joanie a.k.a. "The Goddess", offers observations on the recent holidays as well as the spelling proclivities of Time Warner Cable.

Susie of "Practical Penumbra" unearths the secret vampire life of Glenn Reynolds.

Jerome du Bois, author of "Tears of Things" offers a reminder of what we all have in common.

John Moore of "Useful Fools" shows us approved Howard Dean campaign stickers.

Bouncer channels Nicolo Machiavelli at SolomOnia, offering a realistic assessment of Power and Terrorism.

Tim Dunlop, author of the "Road to Surfdom" pleas for a more honest assessment of terrorist threats.

Andrew Ian Dodge of "Dodgeblogium" relates the difficulties of getting a Kosher meal on an arabic airline.

The Patriot Paradox wants to know why the NEA supports abortion.

Gary Cruse offers no link, but does provide an interesting observation on this Independent article...

"We are going to have to re-evaluate the listenership of Radio 4. I would have expected this result if there had been a poll in The Sun. Do we really want a law that says you can slaughter anyone who climbs in your window?" --Stephen Pound

To which, Mr. Cruse replies: "MP Mr Pound has stumbled onto Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwean Solution. Rather than change the law, replace the electorate."

James Joyner of "Outside the Beltway" analyzes Angry Howard Syndrome.

Steven Taylor, a political science professor and author of "Poliblogger" has his first Toast-O-Meter of the new year up. It's a Weekly News Round-Up and Handicapping of the Race for the Democratic Nomination.

Doug Payton of "Considerettes" has some thoughts on the Terror Alert System.

Jay Allen of "Kensho Godchaser" has uncovered one of Gephardt's shady advertising techniques.

John Ray has a post at "Dissecting Leftism" about what would really upset the French: Napoleon was the first Fascist. Additionally, "PC Watch" reports on the amazing political correctness power of being both black and Muslim.

Bussorah of "Wicked Thoughts" has a few thoughts on J. Edgar Hoover and the amusing things that they say about him.

Solonor at "Solonor's Ink Well" proclaims "We've got movie sign!" If you don't know what that means then you need to spend less time outdoors and more time in front of your television.

Kevin Baker of "The Smallest Minority" has a philosophical essay on the right to arms, called "TRUST", inspired by a recent multi-blog discussion of concealed-carry started by Michael Williams of Master of None.

Aunty Goob of "Goobage" brings Dr. G. Clotaire Rapaille to our attention. The good doctor is a marketing researcher who's not all that well known to most of us, but should be.

Mark of "The Conservative Zone" is on the lookout for Big Brother. What I want to know is who is watching out for Big Sister?

Harvey of "Bad Money debates the age-old question: "Which is worse? People who won't shut up about their pets, or people who won't shut up about their kids?"

Dan O’Leary of "Pragmatic Conservatism" target=new leads me to believe he needs to adjust his dosage after I read his original poem entitled "I Love Liberals"

Jon of "QandO" offers a round-up of some of the more notable comments from a recent Democratic Debate.

Northstar of "The Peoples Republic of Seabrook" has for some time now, been concerned with the execrable quality of political discourse in this country. Is he over-reacting? Not by the look of these examples, he's not!

"Quibbles-n-Bits" lists 10 things he Hates about Nature. Hmmmm... The People at the "Society to Pave the Earth" are always looking for volunteers.

One Ashphalt, One People

Patterico examines a year's worth of liberal bias, mangled quotations, and other inaccuracies and distortions at the Los Angeles Dog Trainer (otherwise known as the Los Angeles Times).

Pietro of "The SmarterCop" has an entry entitled "Patronizing (And Offending) Churchgoers" in which he explains: It wouldn't have been so bad for Howard Dean, credibility wise, with Evangelicals had he not tooted his own horn beforehand.

Mike of "Interested-Participant" has some thought provoking comments on televised professional poker games.

Brian J. Noggle thinks Corporations are reaching the Outer Limits of Property Rights. (I can't get to the Blogger permalink to work so if it doesn't work for you either go to the main page and scroll down to the second post of Saturday, January 03, 2004)

Ipse Dixit is taking Howard Dean to task about the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant

The King of Fools relates the story of a modern-day treasure hunt.

The "Paratrooper of Love" points us to Wounded Staff Sergeant Roy Mitchell, who reminds us to support another Greatest Generation. I would remind you not to forget about the Greatest Jeneration.

Kevin Murphy of "Funmurphys the Blog" offers his fearless prognostication for the coming year.

Jay Manifold of "A Voyage to Arcturus" takes a look at the recent meteor scare in Spain. (I can't get to the Blogger permalink to work so if it doesn't work for you either go to the main page and scroll down to the post entitled "A Near Miss in Spain" of Monday, January 05, 2004)

Phil of "The Speculist" takes issue with Steven Den Beste's characterization of the War on Terror as a conflict between realism and idealism and suggests that it's actually a fight between dynamists and buzzkills.

Charles G. Hill of offers the news from Cockeysville:

One major broadcasting group is centralizing its news programming, feeding its local stations with one national newscast.

Conventional wisdom says this is bad. Conventional wisdom is not always right.

RoguePundit reports on the state of the Oregon Cheese Wars. As Dave Barry would say, "I am not making this up."

Ted of "Red Ted Keeps a Diary" has quite a bit to say about Revolutionary and Civil War historic flags.

Eric Berlin has some thoughts on MoveOn.

Anastasia of "Southern Musings" believes exorcising the demons in life is good, and provides musings about her Personal Hell on Earth.

Bryan of "Arguing With Signposts" fact checks the Associated Press's coverage of U.S. reservist deaths in Iraq.

Greg Markle, from this very blog, offers some background on the woman suing to collect her "lost" lottery "winnings".

Finally, with 3 minutes to spare until deadline...

Joe Kelly, Talk Radio Host for WBAP in the Fort Worth/Dallas area, and author of "The Sake of Argument" has some thoughts on punishing the aged. We'll assume Joe was up all night getting his entry just right because otherwise we'll have to believe he was out all night drinking and, well, we weren't invited.

That's all, folks. Don't forget the check out next weeks Carnival at "Snooze Button Dreams".

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